March 17 Was a Night for the Irish and the Ukeleles

On Friday, March 17, 2017 we had a extra large lineup of 18 Open Stage performers. I warned you that ther could be some Irish music and yes, there was some. There were more ukuleles and more costumes than we get most nights. I will not try to write all the details, you had to be there. Our next open stage night is Friday, April 21st.  On March 17th, our Open Stage performers were:
1. Rob & Geralyn
2. Mike & Tamara Monaghan
3. Lawrence Cresswell
4. Jason Rogers
5. Gord & Anne
6. Jakki Annerino
7. Sylvia Sawatsky
8. Jim Skura
9. Neil Light
10. Ron Hammar
11. Bob & Sue
12. Wayne Cheater (with Wally and Sylvia)
13. Jim Penny
14. David Maranta
15. Don Edwards
16. Janet McPharlin
17. Mike MacLennan
18. Scott Abrams

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