Al Parrish was featured at the Black Walnut Folk Club Dec. 17th

The Christmas spirit was strong at the folk club as Al Parrish  started us out with a fine set of his mostly original songs. After 17 years with CFMA “Best Vocal Group” Tanglefoot, Al brought his huge charismatic stage presence, boundless energy, and ‘That Voice’.  His fine voice was backed by his guitar and acoustic bass. He gave a large dose of inspiration to all who were tuned in. We have a photo of Al on the performers’ Pictures page. Next month on January 21st John Stroud will perform in the featured spot.

After Al’s set we had a great list of open stage performers with Christmas presents aka door prizes. There were candies on the tables to help with the festive mood. A special thanks to the crew that helped out big time, including Jim Galway who engineered the sound and Karen Ouilette who was our first-time MC.

The Open stage performers were:

1) Wally, 2) Brian Kelly (new), 3) Lynn Kirby, 4) Murray O’Brian, 5) Randy Ouillette, 6) Jakki Annerino, 7) Bob Dyke, 8)Barry Cull, 9) John Stroud,
10, Gilbert & O’Neilson, 11, Jay Linden, 12) Wayne Cheater, 13) Loretta, 14) Cam & Pat, 15) Jim Galway

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