Black Walnut Acoustic Open Stage, October 21, 2016

On Friday, October 21st we had an excellent showing of musicians and listeners.  We saw some new folks and were treated to more female performers than usual and mostly duets and/or accompanied artists. I’ll put some pictures of the more recent performers on our “Performers’ Pictures” page.

On October 21st,  The open stage performers were:

1. Lawrence Cresswell
2. Terry & Beth Krentzkamp
3. Dan Hergott with Randy Ouillette
4. Ron Hammar
5. Jakki Annerino with Wayne Cheater
6. Randy Ouillette with Dan Hergott
7. David Maranta & Jeff Wilmer
8. Ann Mark and Gord Castle
9. Neil Light
10. Wayne Cheater with Jakki Annerino
11. Scott Abrams
12. Kyle and Mike (NEW)
13. Paul Horton
14. Jeremy Maloney
15. Mike & Tamara Monaghan
16. Cam & Pat

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