Black Walnut on April 16 Featured Sylvia Chapman

On Friday, April 16 Sylvia Chapman treated us to six of her adaptations which were definitely not “cover songs”.  She has an amazing voice and she sure does use it well.  Thanks to Sylvia and also to Dan Henshaw who added his fine mandolin and some vocals harmonies to Sylvia’s vocal and guitar. Then we were treated to 15 acts for the open stage sets.

There’s a photo of Sylvia with Dan on our Performers’ pictures Page. Our recording of Sylvia’s set is ready now. The  download is found above their picture on the performer’s pictures page. To listen to the set, click on this player:

On April 16, the open stage Performers were:

1) Mr. Jack,  2) Dan Hergot with Randy, 3) Cambridge Guitar summit (4 piece with John & Jill Nelson +? +?), 4) Lynn Kirby,  5) John & Jill Nelson, 6) Jakki Annerino,  7) Randy Ouillette with Dan,

After the Break: 8)Terry Golletz, 9) Wayne Cheater, 10) Jay Collins, 11)  Dave Maranta, 12) Dan Kearney, 13)  Cam and Pat, 14) Real Paquin, 15)Rapper Rhyme

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