Feb. 19 Was a Big Turnout for Jay Moore

Friday, February 19 was big turnout for a big turn-on thanks to Jay Moore.  Jay treated us to a finely crafted  selection of original songs and old chestnuts.  Then we were treated to a full slate of 16 acts for the open stage sets.

Here is a player that will allow you to listen to our recording of most of Jay’s set.

To download the file click on this link:  Jay_Moore_Black_Walnut_19_Feb_2010_-_final-320kb

Please let us know what you think of this and the other totally non-commercial recordings on our site by making a comment below. We mostly just need to know how you find the quality and convenience of the file postings.

Thanks to Jay for a still photo from his video of the set which is now posted on the performer’s pictures page.

Next month we will welcome Randy Ouilette as our featured guest on March 19.

The open stage Performers were:

1) Dan Hergott,  2) Wayne Cheater, Mike Henderson (new) & Brian Westwood 3) Terry Krentzkamp & son, 4) Barry Cull, 5) Jakki Annerino, 6) Jay Collins, 7) Randy Ouillette,

After the Break: 8)Jim Galway & Bill Muir, 9) Jack Cole, 10) Dan Arnott (new) Polly Edwards (new) & Richard Garvey, 11) Dan Kearney (new), 12) David Maranta, 13) Jill (new) & John Neilson, 14) Mr. Jack, 15) Peter J. Slack (new) , 16) Cam and Pat

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  1. quality and convenience are quite good; thanks for making it possible for us who couldn’t make it to share in the event

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