February 19th Was Hot at the Black Walnut

Well maybe not actually hot but for February 19th, it was quite mild.  As usual we were surprised by the fine selection of performers who returned  and we had two first timers.  Whoot! Whoot!  We’ll be back on March 18th with another Acoustic Open Stage event.  Stay tuned for news of a possible featured performance.

On February 19, 2016, the Open Stage performers were:

  1. Paul Horton – NEW
  2. David Maranta (& Jeff Willmer)
  3. Dan Hergott (&Randy Ouillette)
  4. Neil Light
  5. Scott and Amber
  6. Randy Ouillette (& Dan Hergott)
  7. Jakki Annerino (&Wayne Cheater)
  8. Lawrence Creswell
  9. Liv Bowen – NEW (&Scott Chandler)
  10. Jeff Willmer (& David Maranta)
  11. Scott Chandler
  12. Cam Kemp
  13. Edward Barrington
  14. Ron Hammer
  15. Wayne Cheater

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