Folk Club Featuring K. Lynn On September 17 was a full House.

K. Lynn started with a full house and a fine set of her own songs on Friday, September 17. “K. Lynn grew up a good girl in small town Oakville situated on the shores of lovely Lake Ontario. K. Lynn writes about her life and the people she meets as she gets through it before becoming dust and fodder for sunflowers. Her songs range from the psychologically quirky and humorous to the seriously sensitive as she explores the angst, vagaries, and loneliness of the human heart. K. Lynn can be found at open mic nights and various song circles near and far from her hometown of Oakville .”

You can see our artistically dark photo of Lynn on our “Performers’ Pictures” page. She was  followed by  20 acts for the open stage sets. including four first-time for Black Walnut Folk Club acts.  We only had time for one song each from the last two performers. Next Month: We look forward to a feature set from Barry Cull.

On September 17 , the open stage Performers were:1) Mr. Jack,  2)Ray Rivers , 3) Barry Cull, 4) Bruce Williams,  5) Shananigans – New, 6) Leah Morise & Mike – new,  7) Jakki Annerino, 8)Dan Kearney, 9) Phil Gravelle – New

After the Break: 10)Wayne Cheater, 11) Randy OuilletteJohn Stroud – New,  12) Paul Schultz,  13) Murray O’Brien,  14) Ruth Jenkins,15) Bob Dyke 16) John Stroud, 17)South of 401 (John and Roger), 18) Cam and Pat, 19) Jericho, 20) Andrew Kerth

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