Folk Club February 20 was a Rocker

On February 20, “Phree Beer”started things off in the Featured spot. The band consists of Jim Ellerman -vocals, Ralph Boegli – vocals, guitars and drums, Wayne Cheater – vocals & guitars, Brian Westwood – vocals & bass, William “Dill” Morrison  – vocals and keyboards and Mike “Missing in action”  Henderson – vocals drums & mandolin.   The show was a great opportunity for the band which had first met earlier in February to have a world premiere before their big show the next Friday at the 2009 Rock Revival, a charity for the Children’s Wish Foundation at Elements Niteclub. A total audience of 48 turned out to enjoy their show and the open stage.

I have posted 2 photos of the band ( without Mike and his drums) and one photo of the entire band at the Rock Revival on our Performers Pictures page.

Our February  performers were: Before the Break: 1) Jay Collins 2) Tina Dionne 3) David Maranta 4) Jakki Annerino  5) Terry Golletz  6) Randy Ouillette 7) Brian Gordon (NEW) After the Break: 8)Ed, Ed & Fern Burnett (NEW) 9) Dan Hergot 10) Jack Cooper 11) Roger Schmidt 12) Jay Linden 13) Jack Guest 14) Cam & Pat

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