Folk Club Friday, June 20, 2008

On Friday night, June 20 Sam Nordquist will be our featured performer  at 8:00 pm.   Sam can be previewed at along with several other BWFC performers, thanks to Sam.
Last month Jakki Annerino .was our featured performer. Jakki was aided and abetted by Jack Cooper and Debbie Moon for additional Vocals and your blog editor, Wayne Cheater for various accompaniments.  See their picture on our recent performers page. Nobody got hurt and allthough we set out extra tables there were people sitting at all of them and more besides.
An extra special treat last month was the Black walnut “Folkout” for the Ontario Arts Council sponsored “SpOtlight on Artists in Kitchener” (See more below.)  We had a great turnoutfor three one-hour workshops featuring folks who have featured in recent 2-3 years with Jerimiah McCaw playing bass for everybody.

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