Folk Club October 16 Featured Suzanne Doyle

Suzanne Doyle led off the evening with a fine set of songs featuring her strong voice and her own very solid solid guitar accompaniment. Suzanne’s set was followed by 14 acts for the open stage.  We posted our photo of Suzanne  on the performer’s pictures page. Next month we will welcome back Jack Cole as our featured guest.

We had to call on Irena and other regular helpers to help  Kate out with stocking and running the coffee bar.  Thanks ever so much.  We still are sending out a call for help for the coming months for anybody who can help out with the refreshments at folk club that could be either or all of shopping for supplies, stocking and setting up the serving area on club night, making and selling coffee and other treats and cleanup at the end of the evening.

The open stage Performers were:

1) Dave Webster (NEW!), 2) Jack Guest, 3) Terry Krentzkamp, 4) Jakki Annerino, 5) Randy Ouillette, 6) Dan Hergott

After the Break: 7) Bob MacLean 8)Terry Golletz, 9) Cam & Pat, 10) David Maranta, 11) Jim Galway, 12) Jeremiah, 13)  Chris Lobsinger, 14) Wayne Cheater,

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