Folk Club on January 16 was a full House.

On January 16, Tina Dionne braved the cold and a bad sore throat  to fill the featured spot. Her show was fine  and a large audience just has to come out again to hear Tina when she can really sing out without the throat issue. Jakki took a photo of Tina  which  is about to appear on the Performers’ Pictures page. TTFN

After Tina, our January performers were:

Before the Break: 1) Crispin Pemberton-Pigot 2) Jack Guest 3) Greg Simpson, with Jay Collins 4) Terry Krentz Kamp 5) Jakki Annerino 6) Dan McQuade 7) Randy Ouilette

After the Break:8)Terry Golletz 9) Jay Linden10) Ed Barrington 11) Jay Collins 12) Cam & Pat 13) Chris Lobsinger 14) Wayne Cheater

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