Folk Club on June 18 Featured Brad and Robert Nelson

Brad and Robert Nelson started us off in fine style on Friday, June 18 with their feature set of Brad’s extremely Canadian original songs and a couple of fine covers. There was a strong showing of listeners and open stage performers at the Black Walnut Folk Club.  Brad has a long history of performing, which has taken on a new life with contribution of son, Robert’s voice, flute and guitar to reinforce Brad’s own masterful guitar and vocal styles.  We got to know Brad and Robert through the Old Chestnut Song Circle and recently saw them at Folk Night at the Registry which featured them as part of its January 30, 2010 concert.  That concert featured “Timmy’s Anthem” YouTube – NelsonFolk’s Channel .  At that link you will also find my favorite, “Pot On the Stove”. They were  followed by  16 acts for the open stage sets.

On June 18 , the open stage Performers were:1) Barry Cull,  2) Dan Hergott, Ellen and Randy, 3) Jay Collins, 4) Jeremiah,  5) Terry Golletz, 6) Jakki Annerino,  7) Randy Ouillette,

After the Break: 8)Polly Edwards & Richard Garvey, 9) John Stroud – New, 10) Roger Gilbert & Karl Fuss, 11)Ed Sonnenburg – new (accordian), with Randy,  12) Ruth Jenkins, 13) Karl Fuss,  14) Jim Galway,  Terry, & Al Pritchard 15) Wayne Cheater 16) Andrew Kerth

Next two months. July and August there is no folk club.  We get to go to all of the music festivals where we can find our way through the gates. AND on July 10 there will be the 10th Annual, Black Walnut Folk Club Campfire,  If you don’t know about that send us a message or call.

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