Friday, April 15th Was All About the Open Stage

On Friday, April 15th, we had a great night for the open Stage with just enough performers to do three songs each if they chose to do so. There were several other great shows in town, which may have reduced our numbers a little. I really enjoyed hearing everybody including one first timer for the Black Walnut stage.

Next month, on May 20th we will feature the “Onion Honey” group” which should be a treat (more details to follow). After a set by Onion Honey, we will also have our open stage. On April 15th the open stage performers were:

1. Paul Horton
2. Dan Hergott
3. Ed Barrington
4. Liv Bowen and Miranda F. (NEW)
5. Randy Ouillette
6. Lawrence Cresswell
7. Jakki Annerino
8. Ron Hammer
9. Scott Chandler
10. Scott Abrams
11. Wayne Cheater

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