Friday April 18th Acoustic Open Stage Report

Ok, I have been falling down on the job, so here is the report. We had our best turnout this year on April 20th. There were new combinations of players and great songs and it worked really well. I had a great time.

The Open Stage performers were: 1)Wayne Cheater, Dan McQuade and Scott,
Terry and Beth (NEW) Krentzkamp, Dan Hergott, Jakki Annerino,
Randy Ouillette, Jessica and David Maranta, Gary Turple (NEW),
David Maranta, Loretta Fullerton, Cam and Pat, Paul Remple,
Nathan Few, Scott Abrams, and Peter Light

We will be back at the Mill-Courtland Community Center on Friday May 16, 2014 with another all open-stage event.

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