Jack Cole Opened a Big Night of Music and Sing-a-long Nov. 20

The hall was just about full and Jack Cole led off the evening with his original “Canadian Tire Song” followed by a set of songs by Canadian singer-songwriters and lots of sing-a-long parts.  Jack’s set was followed by 13 acts for the open stage.
Here’s two versions of a recording that Dan Hergott made of Jack Cole’s set. First: the pure board mix. Two things to note are that the first 49 sec. are silent and the guitar is in the right channel/speaker so you probably need to turn that speaker down or point it away from you while you are listening so that you can hear the vocal.

Second: A mono remixed and edited down version for those who don’t want to wait to load the larger file or rebalance the two channels.

We posted our photo of Jack  on the performer’s pictures page. Next month we will welcome back Jack Cooper as our featured guest.

The open stage Performers were:

1) Mr. Jack, 2) Dan Hergott, 3) Jay Linden, 4) Terry Golletz, 5) Jakki Annerino, 6) Gerard Dick, 7) Randy Ouillette,

After the Break: 8)Bob MacLean, 9) Wayne Cheater, 10) Cam & Pat, 11) Jim Galway, 12) Rick McLaren, 13)  Rosie and Wally

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