May 19th Was Black Walnut for the 2nd Homeless

On Friday, May 19th we started the long weekend off in style/ Rather than heading off to the 2nd home, we had a fine evening at the Mill Courtland Community Centre. Our last Open Stage for the season on Friday June 16th will start with a feature performance by DJAM Jazz Combo. David, Jeff and Mike have played for us before. This time they will be recoding a video of a 30 minute set at the Black Walnut. Then we will be off for the summer. Our next Open Stage will be Friday September 15th 2017.

Our performers on May 19th were:

1. Ted Shapiro, 2. Dan McQuade, 3. Dan Hergott,

4. Randy Ouillette, 5. Scott Abrams, 6. David Maranta,

7. Rebecca and Cathy, 8. Jakki Annerino, 9. Wayne Cheater,

10. Cathy King, 11. Ron Hammar, 12. Chris Bacon & Denise Duval – NEW,

13. Denise Duval

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