Neil Light Will be Featured December 18th.

On Friday December 18th, 2015 the Black Walnut will start out with a feature set by Neil Light, Singer/Songwriter. Our Open Stage will follow Neil’s performance. Neil has performed as part of our Open Stage previously, and we are very happy that he has agreed to play a longer set for us this time. Bring your guitars, banjos, voices, acoustic instruments of all sorts or just your eyes and ears and make yourself feel “at home”.  Christmas treats will inevitably be handed out and Christmas songs will be sung by those who do that sort of thing. The doors will open and sign-up for the open stage will start at 7:30 pm. Remember when you sign up you get to play/sing two songs in a set of 10 minutes or less and you need to be ready to start playing when your turn starts so you won’t lose any of your 10 minutes.

The details are outlined on our About Page.  The parking is free at the back of the Mill-Courtland Community Centre and admission is still $3 at the door. the facility is accessible, alcohol, smoke and peanut free and every show is different. If you don’t come, you’ll miss it.


Over the years I have developed a deep love and interest in Canadian and American folk singers. Several years ago I put together a repertoire of my favorites songs by Gordon Lightfoot, Valdy, Matt Hemsworth, Stan Rogers, Joni Mitchell, Lyle Lovett, Paul Simon and others.
What is common about these songs is that they all tell stories.
Being a storyteller I love to hear a great story and even more when it is put to music.

Songs like Black Fly, Bitter Green, 45 Years From Now, are all great storytelling songs.

As a songwriter I try to tell stories with the music I write. Most are of my own personal reflections of how I see the world.

When listening to or watching a great story being told, whether in a film or live performance, there is a kind of “magic place” that we enter into. We are slowly pulled away from the everyday and are now in the place created by the story.
Maybe it’s a wild west set or a boat on an ocean, we are no longer sitting in our seats but in this other place. Sometimes it’s just for a short escape, a time of joy and amusement, others a time of inward reflection or a glimpse into another person’s world.

And then there are lots of stories behind the songs, why it was written and who it is for.

It is my desire as an artist to weave the stories and music together so that we can go to that “magic place” for a short time together.

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