November 17, 2017 Open Stage Roster

We had a fine turnout with enough time for most performers to do 3 songs each. I like to take photos of first time performers. This time it was Rein Rutnik with his harmonicas, who also joined in on a song with Gord Castle. We’ll Be back with some seasonal treats and even prizes on Friday December 15th when Markus Michelucci will perform a feature set to start the program.  The performers on Friday, Nov 17, 2017 were:

1. Neil Light
2. Son & Wilson
3. Scott Abrams
4. Lawrence Cresswell
5. Jakki Annerino
6. Gord Castle
7. Rein Rutnik – NEW
8. Wayne Cheater
9. Ron Hammar
10. Cam, Pat & Carol McMulle

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