On September 20th Josh Peidl Started Our 20th Season

On Friday, September 20th Josh Peidl Started our 20th Season in fine style. Josh is an upcoming 16 year old singer-songwriter, who already can hold his own with performers who have been on-stage since before he was born. We have heard great things from Josh already and noted a great improvement between his two appearances at the Black Walnut. On September 20th Josh treated us to a mix of his original songs and some folk/country/rock standards that he sings just the ay they should be sung.

There’s a photo of Josh on our “Performer’s pictures” page. Check out his Facebook timeline at https://www.facebook.com/josh.peidl . You can hear Josh at http://www.reverbnation.com/playlist/view_playlist/-4?page_object=artist_1860090

After Josh we heard songs from: the Open Stage performers: Jack Guest, Greg and Jacob, Scott Abrams, Dave Maranta, Lynn Kirby, Randy Ouillette, Jakki Annerino, Ken Robinson, Jacob and Greg, Cam and Pat, Dan Kearney, Wayne Cheater, and then Josh gave us one more song to send us home.

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