Performers On February 16, 2024

Thanks to everyone who helped to organize, performed, or just showed up this month at the Black Walnut Acoustic Open Stage. On Friday February 16th, we had 16 performers including 1 first timer and folks that we have not seen for a while. We limited 2 performers to a single song each.
We will aim to finish at about 10:00 pm. As a rule, if we have more than 3 performers left at 9:30 we may limit the last performers to one song and no more than 5 min. We find that this is necessary when more than 14 performers are signed up or if there are unusual delays.

On Feb. 16th, we were treated to 16 performances:

  1. Michelle Stelter
  2. John Walker
  3. Susan Koswan
  4. Dan and Ellen
  5. Gord Castle
  6. Jakki Annerino
  7. Kyle – Grandson Soul – NEW
  8. Ron Hammar
  9. Wayne Cheater
  10. Max & Charlene
  11. Julie
  12. Matthias Schonlau
  13. Darren Watts (New as solo)
  14. Cam & Pat
  15. Richard *
  16. Eric*
    (* These two performers only did one song each.)

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