Performers on January 19, 2024

Thanks to everyone who helped to organize, performed, or just showed up last month at the Black Walnut Acoustic Open Stage. On Friday January 19th, we had 19 performers including 5 first timers and lots of folks that we have not seen for a while. Some photos are on our Facebook group . We limited 5 *performers to a single song each and did not get to hear two more who would have performed if we had more time available on-stage.
On Jan. 19th, we were treated to 19 performers:
1. Matthias Schonlau
2. David Maranta
3. John Walker
4. Wayne Cheater
5. Ellen Hergott + Dan
6. Ron Hammar
7. Leonardo * -NEW
8. Jakki Annerino*
9. Richard Reinhardt
10. Peter Van der Maas
11. Carol Barton – NEW
12. Rebecca & Larry
13. Carley Michael
14. Kate Dudek
15. Jack Cooper
16. Shatira* – NEW
17. Selaah* – NEW
18. Eric *
19. Matt Ducak – NEW

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