Report On The September 21, 2012 Black Walnut Acoustic Open Stage

Our 2012-13 season got off to a fine start on September 21. Most people found the new temporary driveway on Stirling Avenue got them in without dealing with the road construction. We had great turnout and were treated by one new performer and a return from Three folks that we used to see and hear on a regular basis.

We’ll be back with another acoustic open stage on Friday, October 19.

The 16 open stage performers on September 21, in order of appearance were:

1)Debby Moon; 2)Carol McMullen; 3)Dan Hergott; 4) Dan Kearney; 5)Terry Krentzkamp; 6)Randy Ouillette; 7)Jakki Annerino; 8)Dave (NEW) & Marc Sittler; 9)Lynn Kirby

After the break; 10)Wayne Cheater; 11)Jack Cooper; 12)Scott Abrams; 13)Nathan Few; 14)Cam & Pat; 15)Shawn Masterman; 16)Ed Barrington

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