Ruth Jenkins Was the Featured Performer at Black Walnut Folk Club

Ruth Jenkins was the featured performer at our November 19th Folk Club. She played and  sang and her harmonica wailed and cried. After her set of covers and original songs she returned to the stage a few times to add her unique harp sounds to some of the other acts. There is a photo of Ruth from that night on our performers’ pictures page.

The club continued to draw an average or better crowd of both open stage performers and listeners. The new guidelines for performers were mostly well received and every performer who arrived by the start time of 8pm was given a slot for the open stage. Only 3 performers went over 10 minutes and most were well under 10 minutes so all 16 performers completed 2 songs/tunes and the show was over at 11 PM. Next Month, on December 17 at 8 pm, we will welcome Al Parrish to our featured entertainer spot.

On Friday, November 19, 2010 the performers for the open stage were:

1) Dan Hergott, 2) Wally, 3) Barry Cul, 4) Real, Lynda & Friends, 5) Murray O’Brie, 6) Randy Ouillette, 7) Bob Dyke, 8)Jakki Annerino,

9) Bruce Williams, 10) John Stroud, 11) Dave Maranta, 12) Wayne Cheater, 13) Lynn Kirby, 14) Jim Galway, 15) Cam & Pat, 16) Yvonne Koves

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