The Open Stage Returned October 17th

What a great night on Friday.  We had 5 new performers.  I think that might be a record!  Thanks to Scott for filling in on sound.  We had the Hidden Stories crew, Martin DeGroot, Gabe, Cole and Alissa from the Multicultural Cinema Club from the Working Centre.  They said they may be back next month to do some more filming.  The acoustic open stage will be back on Friday November 21st.

On Friday October 17, the Open Stage Performers were: 1. Adam Lang 2. Tibor – NEW 3. Ron Hammar – NEW 4. Mike Miller – NEW 5. Scott Abrams 6. Randy Ouillette 7. Jakki Annerino 8. Lawrence Cresswell 9. Neil Light – NEW 10. Wayne Cheater 11.Kevin Smith – NEW 12.David Maranta

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