We Missed Dan on Friday, April 17th.

We missed Dan Hergott on Friday night. We sure hope that his recovery is swift and complete. We had a full show with 17 performances and an appreciative audience. A great big thank-you goes out to everybody who pitched in to pick up the slack for our missing members, especially Irena who carried a car load of sound equipment to and from the community center and then ran the snack and drinks counter, Scott who helped load up and carry some of the sound gear and who set-up and ran the sound system on Friday night and Ellen who did almost all of the announcing.

Our Next Black Walnut Acoustic Open Stage will be Friday, May 15th, 2015. The 17 performers on April 17th were:

1. Wayne Cheater; 2. Randy Bell – NEW; 3. Mike Miller; 4. Gary, Rick and Dan; 5. Sonya Malton – NEW; 6. Jakki Annerino; 7. Dan McQuade and Neil; 8. Randy Ouillette; 9. Scott Abrams; 10.Gary and Dan McQuade; 11.Don Edwards; 12.Natalia Valencia; 13.Cam and Pat; 14.Peter Van der Maas; 15.Ron Hammar; 16.Neil Light; 17.Ed Barrington

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