Barry Cull Was Featured at Oct 15 Black Walnut Folk Club

Barry Cull started started things off with his very warm collection of folk standards  and a couple of originals on Friday, October 15. Barry says that he “Was a folkie during the ’60′s in Toronto and a frequent visitor of Fiddler’s Green, Albert’s Hall and Meat and Potatoes. I have enjoyed the song circle traditions and played every chance I could get with the Friends of the Fiddler’s Green. Recently, I have rediscovered the songs of Ewan MacColl and our own Stan Rogers. I have a Youtube video of a song I wrote of my trip down the South Nahanni River: “ We have finally posted a picture of Barry on our “Performers’ Pictures” page. He was  followed by  17 acts for the open stage sets. including two first-time for Black Walnut Folk Club acts.  We only had time for one song each from the last two performers. Next Month: We look forward to a feature set from Ruth Jenkins.

On October 15 , the open stage Performers were:1) Sam Nordquist,  2) Dan Hergott , 3) Mr. Jack, 4) Terry Krentzkamp,  5) Jakki Annerino, 6) Randy Ouillette,  7) David Maranta

After the Break: 8)Wayne Cheater, 9) Terry Golletz,  10) Al Parrish – NEW, 11)  Jim Galway, 12)  Ian Reid – NEW, 13) Dan Kearney, 14) Jeremiah, 15) Andrew Kerth, 16) John Stroud, 17) Bob Dyke

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