Folk Club April 17th Featured Brian Gordon

On April 17, The Black Walnut Folk Club featured singer-songwriter Brian Gordon. Brian stated the evening off with a fine set of songs from his CD and some to be released on an upcoming recording. There’s more info on that CD, “everywhere’s the sun”  including music samples at  The smallish audience of 31 was treated to a fine set for which they showed great appreciation. We had 14 acts for the open stage which followed Brian’s set. You can see a photo of the Brian now on our Performers’ Pictures page.

Our April performers were Before the Break: 1) Jenn Birnie  – NEW  2) Rebecca –NEW – and Sam Nordquist 3) Richard Harvey and Matt Donnelly – NEW  4) Randy Ouillette 5) Jakki Annerino 6) Dan Hergott and Stan 7) Terry Krentzkamp

After the Break:8)Dan McQuade and Neil Doran (NEW) 9) David Maranta 10) Terry Golletz 11) Jay Linden 12) Bruce Williams – NEW  13) Lynn Kirby – NEW 14)Wayne Cheater

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