June 17th Was Our Last Open Stage Before the Summer Break

On Friday, June 17th we had a great time trying out a brand new Bose compact speaker system.  It greatly reduced the amount of gear and clutter and in spite of some hiccups (Mistakes), it sounded fine.  Dan got a couple of us to come back this week to experiment some more with the system and we agreed that it will be a big improvement.

On June 17th, we had a smaller turnout than usual, with a lot of other stuff happening that night. We a mostly did three songs each and managed to finish out the evening before 11pm. The open stage performers were.

1. Paul Horton
2. Dan Hergott
3. Lawrence Cresswell
4. Scott Abrams
5. Randy Ouillette
6. Jakki Annerino
7. Jack Cole
8. Scott Chandler & Dan McQuade
9. Ron Hammar
10.Wayne Cheater

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