More Open Stage Updates

Sometimes we have such a good time we don’t notice when one or two people are really messing things up for numerous other people. That is when people complain, and that is what they should do. Last month we had a couple of songs that were had offensive language and or subject matter. We arent going to identify them here. The other thing is that one performer used twice as much time as most people to do two songs. It was way more than 10 minutes.

Here is an important addition to our “Updates” for the Open Stage performers:

8.We will probably not let you know how much time you have left after you finish your first song, unless you ask. If you have less than 3 minutes left you probably should not start another song. To help you out with this, understand that if your songs are each more than 4 minutes long, you probably won’t have time for more than one song, because it always take at least a minute for you to get on-stage and ready to start your first song.

9. Black Walnut, the Mill Courtland Community Centre are family friendly. Some performers have slipped some offensive language and subjects into their songs and it does get us a bad response from people who need to let us know how offensive that is. They are right to complain. Choose appropriate material, always.

One response to “More Open Stage Updates”

  1. It is long due to have the time limits kept by all performers, including ______.

    Offensive material is just that offensive. I don’t want to attend if you have performers playing offensive or obscene material.

    Thank you Wayne for posting this. I look forward to the changes.

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