September 16th Folk Club Was a Great Start

Friday, September 16th Folk Club was a great start for our 2011-12 season. After 2 months off we were treated to a night of all open-stage with 2 first-timers. This season, we ‘ll have lots more of the all open stage format because people like it and because we get more time for the open-stage that way. We do intend to ask a some people to do feature sets in the coming year, but there’s no quota for how often we will do that. The plan for now is for the October 21st club night to be all open-stage as well.

We will list below the 14 open stage performer from September 16th”

Jack Guest
Dan Kearney
Randy Ouillette
Carol McMullen
Jskki Annerino
Scott Abrams
Maeva Rouseau – NEW
Jim Skuna – NEW
David Maranta
Wayne Cheater
Jim Galway
Cam & Pat
Tom Massiah
Lynn Kirby


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