The Black Walnut on April 19th Featured Peter F. Light

On Friday, April 19th the Black Walnut Acoustic Open Stage at the Mill-Courtland Community Centre in Kitchener, opened in fine style with a feature set by Peter F. Light . Peter was accompanied by Gwen Potter on fiddle, vocals and percussion. We had a fine audience turnout of listeners and performers.

Next month on Friday May 17th we will be back with a full evening of open stage. The open stage performers on April 19th were:

1) Mr. Jack, 2) Russ Bishop, 3) Dan Hergott,

4) Peter van der Maas, 5) Jakki Annerino, 6) Randy Ouillette,

7) Lynn Kirby, 8) Dave Maranta, 9) Dan Kearney,

10) Bob MacLean, 11) Scott Abrams, 12) G. Bruce Williams,

13) Wayne Cheater, 14) Adam Lang, 15) Cam and Pat

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