The Black Walnut Was All Open Stage On Friday March 16th

The Black Walnut was all open stage with a total of 15 performances on Friday, March 16th. Next month we will feature Don Sawchuk, who will start the evening with a set of 6 of his great songs. We got just a sample last Friday night. The open Stage performers were:

Jakki Annerino
Don Sawchuk
Dan Hergott
Gwen Potter & Russ Bishop – NEW to BWFC
Jack Guest
David Maranta
Peter Light and Gwen Potter
Randy Ouillette
Cam and Pat (followed by a short break)
Wayne Cheater
Kim Ellis
Scott Abrams
Ted Shapiro
Shawn Masterman
Jim Galway

One response to “The Black Walnut Was All Open Stage On Friday March 16th”

  1. Don Sawchuk is great I love his songs with meaning. Shawn is also someone to look out for he does perform very often, but when he does Oh my God.

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