The Fair Wind Was Featured October 19, 2018

Thanks to The Fair Wind and all for a fine Open stage on October 19th. For more information about The Fair Wind check out our previous post and performers pictures and their site: We’ll be back on Friday November 16th with Bob and Sue, “The Pluckin’ Cutlers to start the evening off with a feature set.

In addition to our Feature Performers – “The Fair Wind” – Bob, Carol, Mark & Ruth, on October 19th there were 14 Acts for the Open Stage including 3 Black Walnut first-timers as follows:
Dan Hergott
Rhubarb Social Club- (NEW) – Michelle, Margaret, Ed, Lorne and Scott
Don and Jim
Nikolai Linden – (NEW)
Jay Linden
Scott Abrams
Jakki Annerino
Gordon Castle
Neil Light
Cam and Pat
Victor Drawhen – (NEW)
Ron Hammar
Paul Rempel
Barb Scott

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