The March 15th “All Open Stage” Was Full to Burstin’

The March 15th “All Open Stage” night was full to burstin’ with great performances by regulars and newcomers. A couple of very young performers stood out and as a result two more feature acts have now been recruited, one for June and one for September. There will be more details to follow soon.

Next month, on Friday, April 19th,  we will start the evening with a feature set by Peter F. Light. Peter is a singer/songwriter who we have heard before and want to hear again. Peter will be accompanied by Gwen Potter on fiddle.  You can see/hear them at .

On Friday, March 15th our full slate of Open Stage performers was:

First Half: 1. Nathan Few, 2. Laurence Cresswell – (NEW), 3. Dan Hergott, 4. Scott Abrams, 5. Jack Guest, 6, Jakki Annerino, 7. Randy Ouillette, 8. Sarah McGaughey, 9. Cam and Pat, and
After the 14 minute break, 10. Wayne Cheater, 11. Jacob and Greg (NEW), 12. Sean McGaughey, 13. Josh Peidl, 14. Paul Rempel, 15. Terry Golletz, and 16.David Maranta

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