We Had a Big Night with Paul Schultz and Bob MacLean

Well, lots of people were looking forward to seeing Paul Schultz and Bob MacLean perform. They turned out in great numbers to do that on January 15 and they really were not disappointed. Bob accompanied on 3 guitars that he selected from his collection and added some vocal harmonies as Paul sang and strummed his way through some of the greatest of roots standards.  Barb even completed the trio for one song.  Then we were treated to a full slate of 16 acts for the open stage sets.

We posted our photo of Paul and Bob  on the performer’s pictures page.

To listen to their set. click on the player, below:

Next month we will welcome Jay  Moore as our featured guest on February 19.

The open stage Performers were:

1) Dan Hergott,  2) Sylvia Chapman – NEW 3) Richard Garvey , 4) Lynn Kirby, 5) Jakki Annerino, 6) David Maranta, 7) Randy Ouillette,

After the Break: 8)Wayne Cheater, 9) Jay Moore, 10) ___, 11) Jeremiah, 12) Mr. Jack, 13) Ray Rivers – NEW, 14) Jim Galway, 15),  Cam and Pat, 16) Rosie

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