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  • Onion Honey, Opened with Great Performance May 20th

    On Friday May 20th, 2016 “Onion Honey” started our evening with a 30 minute set. “A pair of pseudo-gingers with banjos, Esther Wheaton and David Pike started playing music together around the same time they started cooking together and watching dozens of astronomy documentaries together; the result is a deliciously stellar blend of old-time and traditional folk tunes that will tug at heartstrings and set feet a-tappin’.

    They have played all over Southern Ontario and toured the Maritimes – downtown streets and uptown theatres, sunny fields and dingy cafés, living rooms, farmers’ markets, and once a hot air balloon festival.

    Originally a duo, Onion Honey have lately grown to four with the addition of local folkies Michelle Horel and Stuart Cybulskie. We will post a photo of Esther, David, Michelle and Stuart on our “Performers” page.

    Their warm and engaging manner and playing of the banjo, mandolin, guitar, banjolele, double bass, and washboard in their pursuit of the sounds of the past stuck the sweet spot for us on May 20th.

    Our next Acoustic Open Stage evening will be Friday, June 17, 2016. After the feature set, on Friday May 20th, we enjoyed a fine open stage session, including 2 first timers as follows:

    1. Rick Hehner
    2. Paul Horton
    3. Jack Cole
    4. Randy Ouillette
    5. Lawrence Cresswell
    6. Jakki Annerino
    7. Ron Hammar
    8. Jeremy Maloney – NEW
    9. Wayne Cheater
    10. Scott Abrams
    11. David Maranta
    12. Cam and Pat
    13. Mike MacLellan – NEW

  • November 20, 2015 – The Songs They Sang

    On Friday, November 20th we had a fine evening of songs and tunes. We gave everyone the option of a third song and some people did two and others did three.  For something a little different, we have an attempted listing of all of the numbers performed. If you can provide corrections to any of our errors in the listing below, please do so by posting a comment.

    Next month we will have two special treats at our Acoustic Open Stage. Friday December 18th.  We will have Christmas goodies and some door prizes. Inevitably, there will be some seasonal songs as well. AND: Our featured performer next month will be Neil Light who will treat us to a 30 minute opening concert starting at 8 pm. Neal has told me that he has been working on a special project of original songs.  He will have more details to provide about the project.

    On November 20 the performers and their songs/tunes were: 1. Andrew Maranta-2 instumentals (originals); 2. Scott Abrams -Turn the page (Bob Seegar), Please Don’t Bury Me (John Prine) & Wonder where the Lions are (Bruce Cockburn; 3. Dan Hergott (with Randy Ouillette) – Sweet Home Alabama (Lynard Skynard), Riot In Cell Block No. 9 (Blues Brothers) & Buy Me a Boat (Chris Janson); 4. Mike Miller – I Got My Mojo Workin’ (Muddy Waters) & She’ll Be Comin ‘Round the Mountain; 5. Lawrence Cresswell– Our Town (Chet Atkins) & an Original medley of railroad songs; 6. Randy Ouillette (with Dan Hergott) – Can’t you See? (Marshall Tucker Band ) & Tonight the Bottle Let Me Down (Merle Haggard); 7. Jakki Annerino (with Wayne Cheater) Deep Roots & A Safe and Welcome Land (both originals); 8. David Maranta – Will the circle Be Unbroken & Harmony (original); 9. Neil Light – 45 Years (Stan Rogers) & an Original Song; 10.Wayne Cheater – Rain -O (Chilliwack) & Still Small Voice (Betty Soo); 11.Cam and Pat – Jericho (Fred G. Eaglesmith) Couldn’t Do Nothin’ Right (Jerry Jeff Walker) & Across the Great Divide (Kate Wolf); 12.Ron Hammar – Dress Rehearsal for the Blues (Original?), You Blew My Heart All to Hell (Original?) & The Cowboy Rides Away (George Strait)

  • October 16, 2015, Black Walnut Acoustic Open Stage

    We had a very generous group, including the purchaser of our Old Degas guitar. The high bid at our silent auction and others also put additional donations in the hat to raise a total of $170.00 which we have given to the Central Frederick Neighborhood Association sponsoring of a Syrian refugee family. They have surpassed the amount required for the sponsorship through the Government of Canada and the Mennonite Central Committee.

    And there was music. A small but enthusiastic audience was treated to the following list of performers: 1) David Maranta, 2) Ward Brownell, 3) Mike Miller, 4)Dan Hergott, 5) Scott Abrams, 6) Jakki Annerino, 7) Ron Hammar, 8) Randy Ouillette, 9) Wayne Cheater, 10) Cam and Pat

    We’ll be back with another Acoustic Open Stage on Friday, November 20, 2015.

  • September 18th Black Walnut for the End of Summer

    Friday September 18th was a great start for the new season. We had a 30% increase in our performers from last June when we only had 10 performers. It was a treat to have some of our regulars back and two first time performers for the Black Walnut.

    Our next Acoustic Open Stage event will be Friday October 16th at 8pm.

    On September 18th our Open Stage performers were:
    l. Wayne Cheater, 2. Andrew Maranta – NEW, 3. Dan Hergott, 4. Barry Cull, 5. Neil Light, 6. Jakki Annerino, 7. Randy Ouillette, 8. David Maranta, 19. Matt Machado – NEW, 10. Scott Abrams, 11, Adam David Lang, 12. Cam and Pat, 13. Ron Hammar

  • Open Stage on June 19th

    Friday June 19th was great even though we only had 10 performers. It was good that we decided to let some people do an extra song to fill out the evening. Thanks to Carla and Maaike for taking care of refreshments. And thanks to everyone who helped make this a great year for the BW. We missed you Randy and Karen. We all hope you’re feeling better soon, Karen.

    Now we’ll take a break for summer holidays and folk festivals. We will have our next Open Stage on Friday, September 18, 2015 at 8 pm. Have a great summer!

    See the photos below. On June 19th our Open Stage performers were:
    l. Kevin Nizi – NEW, 2. Mike Miller, 3. Terry Krentzkamp, 4. Jakki Annerino, 5. Scott Abrams, 6. David and Lars, 7. Adam and Johnny, 8. Jeff and Jonathan, 9. Jack Cole, 10. Lars and David

    Kevin Nici, June 19, 2015
    Kevin Nizi, June 19, 2015


    Jeff and Jonathan June 19, 2015
    Jeff and Jonathan June 19, 2015


  • We Got the May Long Weekend Going

    Our numbers were down a little, perhaps because of the holiday weekend and the great weather, but on May 15th everything went like clockwork.  It was a treat to hear Rob Dunham for the first time and to also see some folks return that we have not seen much  recently.  Our performers were:

    1. Dan Hergott, 2. Kevin Smith, 3. Dan McQuade, 4. Lawrence Cresswell, 5. Crispin Pemberton-Pigott, 6. Jakki Annerino, 7. Rob Dunham, 8. Randy Ouillette, 9. John and Adam, 10.Wayne Cheater, 11.David Maranta, 12.Scott Abrams, 13.Cam and Pat

  • We Missed Dan on Friday, April 17th.

    We missed Dan Hergott on Friday night. We sure hope that his recovery is swift and complete. We had a full show with 17 performances and an appreciative audience. A great big thank-you goes out to everybody who pitched in to pick up the slack for our missing members, especially Irena who carried a car load of sound equipment to and from the community center and then ran the snack and drinks counter, Scott who helped load up and carry some of the sound gear and who set-up and ran the sound system on Friday night and Ellen who did almost all of the announcing.

    Our Next Black Walnut Acoustic Open Stage will be Friday, May 15th, 2015. The 17 performers on April 17th were:

    1. Wayne Cheater; 2. Randy Bell – NEW; 3. Mike Miller; 4. Gary, Rick and Dan; 5. Sonya Malton – NEW; 6. Jakki Annerino; 7. Dan McQuade and Neil; 8. Randy Ouillette; 9. Scott Abrams; 10.Gary and Dan McQuade; 11.Don Edwards; 12.Natalia Valencia; 13.Cam and Pat; 14.Peter Van der Maas; 15.Ron Hammar; 16.Neil Light; 17.Ed Barrington

  • March 20th Acoustic Open Stage Details

    Last night was a blast at the Black Walnut. A great audience and a fine program by some of our regulars and a first timer. We certainly hope that Don comes back with some more of those songs with the ukulele. Thanks to all who pitched in, with several of our regular host committee absent, we needed your help last night.

    The open stage performers all get 10 minutes to perform 2 songs/tunes. Last night 6 people got to do an extra song encore. Our performers, in order of appearance were:

    1. Wayne Cheater, 2. Kevin Smith, 3. Mike Miller, 4. Don Edwards – NEW, 5. Randy Ouillette, 6. Ron Hammar, 7. Dan Hergott, 8. Gary and Dan McQuade, 9. Scott Abrams, 10.Cam & Pat, 11.Gord Castle

    We will return with another Acoustic Open Stage, Friday April 17, 2015.

  • The February 20, 2015 Acoustic Open Stage

    We had a fine evening with a great mix of familiar performers and several first-timers on a very chilly Friday evening. A total of 14 performers were:

    1. Wayne Cheater; 2. Scott and Amber – NEW; 3. Timberlane Trio; 4. Kate Strathdee & Mike – NEW; 5. Dan Hergott; 6. Jakki Annerino; 7. Randy Ouillette; 8. Vienna D’Amato-Hall – NEW; 9. Adam Lang & John Dooley; 10.David Maranta and Friends; 11.Ron Hammar; 12.Cam and Pat; 13.Neil Light; 14.Lawrence Cresswell

    Please take note of our new email addresses.  You can reach us at

  • On January 16th Jack and Brad Gave us a Sample

    On Friday, January 16, 2015, Jack Cole and Brad Nelson started off our evening with a two song sample of their Stan Rogers tribute songs.  They are both featured as part of a 3 concert tour in aid of Stanfest.   We had a very fine evening which also featured some jazz numbers complete with guitar, bass and sax and a contemporary dance interpretation.

    The next Acoustic Open Stage will be Friday, February 20th. The performers on January 16th were:

    1. Jack Cole and Brad Nelson; 2. Timberlane Trio – Dave, Lars & Jeff(NEW); 3. Mike Miller; 4. Dan Hergott; 5. Terry Krentzkamp; 6. Jakki Annerino; 7. Loretta Fullerton & Julia Ridley (NEW); 8. Ron Hammar; 9. Gary and Rick; 10.Dave Maranta; 11.Cam and Pat; 12.Randy Ouillettte; 13.Wayne Cheater; 14.Scott Abrams