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  • March 18, 2011 Black Walnut Folk Cub Was All Open Stage

    We had a fine evening of all Open stage.  There were great songs and a good audience turned out to appreciate the show.  Next Month, April 15th, we will welcome “Shenanigans” to start the evening with a feature set.  They are a great Celtic band that we herd a few months ago.  They are also playing at McCabes on King Street on Saturday, March 26.  Then on May 20th we will once again feature Jakki Annerino.

    On March 18, our open stage performers were:

    Will Spzegl – NEW, , Nathan Few, Dan Hergott,
    Lynn Kirby, Scott Abrams, Randy Ouillette,
    Jakki Annerino, Dan Kearney, David Maranta,
    Wayne Cheater, Cam & Pat, Jim Galway,
    Loretta Fullerton

  • February 18th Folk Club Was All ‘Open Stage”

    Well we finally tried it with no featured performer.  We did have a full list of 17 open stage performers.  A special thanks to the crew that helped out big time, including Jim Galway who engineered the sound.  NEXT MONTH: We plan to do the same, all “Open Stage” format.  As a result we will start the Open-stage at 8:00 p.m. sharp and we will have time for a short half-time break.

    AN IMPORTANT NOTE:  on the need to ensure that when you perform that you are expected to be fully prepared in advance, with your musical instrument tuned and your songs ready to go. All of the performers averaged out to less than 10 minutes. We were able to hear every performer who signed up, perfom 2 numbers if they wished and finished the program by 11:00 p.m. because of that.

    On Friday February 18, 2011 the Open stage performers were:

    David Maranta, Nathan Hew – NEW, Dan Hergott, Jay Collins, Don Sawchuk – NEW, Randy Ouillette, Jakki Annerino, Barry Cull, Lynn Kirby, Dan Kearney, Then we took a short Break.
    After the break we heard from: Bob McLean, Bob Dyke, John Stroud, Jim Galway, Cam and Pat, Wayne Cheater, Nicole Coward & David Skura – NEW

  • John Stroud Surprised and Entertained On January 21,2011

    John Stroud treated us to a set of six of his humorous songs, with his unique style of introductions and vocals and his very fluid Martin, 12-string guitar accompaniment. As a surprise treat, he tossed in copies of his CD. We will get a great photo of John, Taken by unstoppable Frankie Picasso, on our “Performers Picture” page.

    After John’s set we had a full list of open stage performers.  A special thanks to the crew that helped out big time, including Dan Hergott who engineered the sound with assistance from David Maranta and Ellen Hergott who was was back as MC for the evening.  NEXT MONTH: Our Featured performer has CANCELED due to a schedule conflict. Shenanigans will not appear at our February 18, 2011 Black Walnut Folk Club.  As a result we will start the Open-stage at 8:00 p.m. sharp and we will have time for a short half-time break.

    AN IMPORTANT NOTE:  on the need to ensure that when you perform that you are expected to be fully prepared in advance, with your musical instrument tuned and your songs ready to go.  Several performers volunteered/agreed to reduce their open stage sets to only one song. We were able to hear every performer who signed up and finish the program by 11:00 p.m. because of that.

    On Friday February 21, 2011 the Open stage performers were:

    Dan Hergott, Murray O’Brien, Wayne Cheater & Jon Aplin, Randy Ouillette, Bob Dyke, Dan Kearney, Jakki Annerino, Lynn Kirby, David Maranta, Crispin Pemberton-Pigott, Scott Abrams (new), Jennifer Ferguson (new), Rob Pothier – Bumble, Andrew Kerth, Cam and Pat, Walter Horn

  • Our Internet 2010 in review

    This website/blog is a fairly low effort project to give folks easy access to information about the folk club, what it is about, what  happened recently at the club and what is planned for the next month. It also stared to post on my own facebook page.  If folks would like, We could start a BlackWalnut Folk Club Facebook,  but that has not been promised at this time.

    Crunchy numbers

    A Boeing 747-400 passenger jet can hold 416 passengers. This blog was viewed about 3,600 times in 2010. That’s about 9 full 747s.

    In 2010, there were 14 new posts, growing the total archive of this blog to 37 posts. There were 5 pictures uploaded, taking up a total of 222mb.

    The busiest day of the year was April 17th with 50 views. The most popular post that day was Performers Pictures.


  • Al Parrish was featured at the Black Walnut Folk Club Dec. 17th

    The Christmas spirit was strong at the folk club as Al Parrish  started us out with a fine set of his mostly original songs. After 17 years with CFMA “Best Vocal Group” Tanglefoot, Al brought his huge charismatic stage presence, boundless energy, and ‘That Voice’.  His fine voice was backed by his guitar and acoustic bass. He gave a large dose of inspiration to all who were tuned in. We have a photo of Al on the performers’ Pictures page. Next month on January 21st John Stroud will perform in the featured spot.

    After Al’s set we had a great list of open stage performers with Christmas presents aka door prizes. There were candies on the tables to help with the festive mood. A special thanks to the crew that helped out big time, including Jim Galway who engineered the sound and Karen Ouilette who was our first-time MC.

    The Open stage performers were:

    1) Wally, 2) Brian Kelly (new), 3) Lynn Kirby, 4) Murray O’Brian, 5) Randy Ouillette, 6) Jakki Annerino, 7) Bob Dyke, 8)Barry Cull, 9) John Stroud,
    10, Gilbert & O’Neilson, 11, Jay Linden, 12) Wayne Cheater, 13) Loretta, 14) Cam & Pat, 15) Jim Galway

  • Ruth Jenkins Was the Featured Performer at Black Walnut Folk Club

    Ruth Jenkins was the featured performer at our November 19th Folk Club. She played and  sang and her harmonica wailed and cried. After her set of covers and original songs she returned to the stage a few times to add her unique harp sounds to some of the other acts. There is a photo of Ruth from that night on our performers’ pictures page.

    The club continued to draw an average or better crowd of both open stage performers and listeners. The new guidelines for performers were mostly well received and every performer who arrived by the start time of 8pm was given a slot for the open stage. Only 3 performers went over 10 minutes and most were well under 10 minutes so all 16 performers completed 2 songs/tunes and the show was over at 11 PM. Next Month, on December 17 at 8 pm, we will welcome Al Parrish to our featured entertainer spot.

    On Friday, November 19, 2010 the performers for the open stage were:

    1) Dan Hergott, 2) Wally, 3) Barry Cul, 4) Real, Lynda & Friends, 5) Murray O’Brie, 6) Randy Ouillette, 7) Bob Dyke, 8)Jakki Annerino,

    9) Bruce Williams, 10) John Stroud, 11) Dave Maranta, 12) Wayne Cheater, 13) Lynn Kirby, 14) Jim Galway, 15) Cam & Pat, 16) Yvonne Koves

  • Folk Club Update

    This update was posted October 4, 2011, latest revision was March 5, 2012.

    Hi Black Walnut Folk:

    This is an extra update on The club.  It has been almost a year since we tried some new ideas to have more fun and get more performers onto our open stage.  Mostly things are working out, with few cases where open stage performers can’t get to play because they were too late to get signed in on a busy night. Also, we have been getting everything finished by 11:00 pm most months.

    The main things that have changed since our last update for November 2010 are:
    1. We don’t always have a feature performer every month. We will feature some outstanding performers from our open stage who have played fairly often and who have not done a feature set at our club for a long time.
    2. We won’t have a mid-evening break when the open stage list is fully signed up because there isn’t enough time for everybody to get a maximum of 10 minutes or 2 songs.

    The things that you need to know if you plan to be a non-performing folkie are:

    1. The door to the gym will not open until the sound-check has been completed. That allows the sound-check to be done quicker and better, without the noise and distraction of extra people moving about and doing other noisy, distracting stuff with their instruments and stuff. We will try to get that done by 7:30 PM.  The featured performer will still start at 8:00 pm unless there is an unexpected delay.

    2. There may not  be a half-time break so people can still get up and move around, quietly between performers.
    3. We will try to bring a little more variety of snacks.

    For the featured opening set performers very little has changed at this time:
    4. You need to be in the gym and set up for your sound check by 7:00 pm.
    5. You still have a 30 min. long slot to play/sing up to 6 songs.  The clock starts at 8 pm and we really must complete your set by 8:30 pm.

    For all performers:
    6. The sign-up for the open stage does not start until the sound-check is finished and the door to the gym has opened. The facilitators who want to pick slots will do that before the door opens.  If you want to help out, talk to one of us in advance so that we can book you to be there at 6:30 pm on the night when we need you. There are still no phone-in registrations.  You still need to sign yourself in for the open stage.
    7. There is still a 2-song 10 min limit for your performance.  That includes the time that it takes you to get in place and start your songs, including anything you have to say about your day and the songs that you still haven’t started to play.  You don’t have to wait to be announced to get in place. There will be someone to assist you. We insist that you tune in advance,  know exactly what you are going to do and how you are going to make sure that you can finish on time.  If you aren’t tuned-up and ready, you should pass your turn on to the next performer.
    8. We will probably not let you know how much time you have left after you finish your first song, unless you ask.  If you have less than 3 minutes left you probably should not start another song. To help you out with this, understand that if your songs are each more than 4 minutes long, you probably won’t have time for more than one song, because it always take at least a minute for you to get on-stage and ready to start your first song.

    9. Black Walnut, the Mill Courtland Community Centre are family friendly.  Some performers have slipped some offensive language and subjects into their songs and it  does get us a bad response from people who need to let us know how offensive that is. They are right to complain.  Choose appropriate material, always.

    10. At 10:30, if we have more than 3 performers left we will limit the last performers to one song and no more than 5 min.
    11. We will finish at 11:00 pm or sooner.Let me know what you think and I will pass it on.
    For everybody:
    12. We will all have fun!

    TTFN – Wayne Cheater

  • Barry Cull Was Featured at Oct 15 Black Walnut Folk Club

    Barry Cull started started things off with his very warm collection of folk standards  and a couple of originals on Friday, October 15. Barry says that he “Was a folkie during the ’60′s in Toronto and a frequent visitor of Fiddler’s Green, Albert’s Hall and Meat and Potatoes. I have enjoyed the song circle traditions and played every chance I could get with the Friends of the Fiddler’s Green. Recently, I have rediscovered the songs of Ewan MacColl and our own Stan Rogers. I have a Youtube video of a song I wrote of my trip down the South Nahanni River: “ We have finally posted a picture of Barry on our “Performers’ Pictures” page. He was  followed by  17 acts for the open stage sets. including two first-time for Black Walnut Folk Club acts.  We only had time for one song each from the last two performers. Next Month: We look forward to a feature set from Ruth Jenkins.

    On October 15 , the open stage Performers were:1) Sam Nordquist,  2) Dan Hergott , 3) Mr. Jack, 4) Terry Krentzkamp,  5) Jakki Annerino, 6) Randy Ouillette,  7) David Maranta

    After the Break: 8)Wayne Cheater, 9) Terry Golletz,  10) Al Parrish – NEW, 11)  Jim Galway, 12)  Ian Reid – NEW, 13) Dan Kearney, 14) Jeremiah, 15) Andrew Kerth, 16) John Stroud, 17) Bob Dyke

  • Folk Club Featuring K. Lynn On September 17 was a full House.

    K. Lynn started with a full house and a fine set of her own songs on Friday, September 17. “K. Lynn grew up a good girl in small town Oakville situated on the shores of lovely Lake Ontario. K. Lynn writes about her life and the people she meets as she gets through it before becoming dust and fodder for sunflowers. Her songs range from the psychologically quirky and humorous to the seriously sensitive as she explores the angst, vagaries, and loneliness of the human heart. K. Lynn can be found at open mic nights and various song circles near and far from her hometown of Oakville .”

    You can see our artistically dark photo of Lynn on our “Performers’ Pictures” page. She was  followed by  20 acts for the open stage sets. including four first-time for Black Walnut Folk Club acts.  We only had time for one song each from the last two performers. Next Month: We look forward to a feature set from Barry Cull.

    On September 17 , the open stage Performers were:1) Mr. Jack,  2)Ray Rivers , 3) Barry Cull, 4) Bruce Williams,  5) Shananigans – New, 6) Leah Morise & Mike – new,  7) Jakki Annerino, 8)Dan Kearney, 9) Phil Gravelle – New

    After the Break: 10)Wayne Cheater, 11) Randy OuilletteJohn Stroud – New,  12) Paul Schultz,  13) Murray O’Brien,  14) Ruth Jenkins,15) Bob Dyke 16) John Stroud, 17)South of 401 (John and Roger), 18) Cam and Pat, 19) Jericho, 20) Andrew Kerth

  • Even the Walnuts Have Vacations

    So we had a great “time” at The Annual Campfire on July 10 at Jim & Irena’s.   Jim and Irena want to thank everybody who participated in the apparently record-breaking event.  The turnout, the spirit, the treats, the songs,  the numbers of Walnuts who came out all combined to make a great party.

    It is summer break time now.  We will return to the Mill-Courtland Community Center for our September 17, 2010  Folk Club which will start with a feature set by Lynn Kirby. (Maybe we will have Lynn Miles some other night, but she would need to play our Open Stage first.) We hope to see you then!

    Meanwhile, don’t forget to get your tickets to the new Folk Night at the Registry Series, either from Jack Cole or From The Center in the Square box office.  AND especially make sure you book the August long weekend for the Mill Race Festival of Traditional Folk Music in Down-town Cambridge (the old Mill Race, Dickson Street and elsewhere). has all the links that you need TTFN