Author: Wayne

  • Folk Club November 21 was Well attended.

    On November 21, Debbie Moon started things off in the Featured spot. Her show was great and a total audience of 50 turned out to enjoy it and the open stage. I have a photo of Deb which I will add to our Performers Pictures page in a few minutes time. TTFN

    I recently saw Jeremiah’s Brantford Open Stage Page where he gives a list of each month’s performers. It is a great idea. SO: our November performmers were:

    Before the Break: 1)Tina Dionne 2)Dan McQuade 3)Terry Krentzkamp 4)Sam Nordquist and Stuart Watt (new) 5)Jakki Annerino 6)Randy Ouillette 7)Ed Barrington, Richard Reinhardt & Brian Westwood

    After the Break: 8)Wayne Cheater 9)Terry Golletz 10)John and Joel (new) Nielson 11)Brian Harvery (new) 12)David Maranta 13)Cam & Pat 14)Jim Galway 15)Jeremiah Budnark

  • Next Folk Club is Friday October 17 at 8:00 P.M.

    On October 17, the Black Walnut Folk Club will welcome back Jack Guest to our Featured spot.  Jack will start the evening off at 8:00 P.M. with a 1/2 hour mini-concert.  Jack has been playing in his own unique style of (barrel-house/blues/folk) for a long-long while.  If you haven’t heard him before, this is your big chance. 

    Last month we had an exceptional start for or season.  Thanks to Amy Campbell who gave us a terrific mini-concert.  It was her first CD Release concert for her brand-new double CD.  She had to put some more CDs on the table after the first lot sold-out.  See her photo on our performer page. We are still trying to track-down a better photo of Amy.  If you have one please send it to .

  • New Season Folk Club Friday September 19, 2008

    After the summer break our new season kicks off with a bang on Friday Night September 19 with a visit from Amy Campbell for the feature set at 8:00 PM.  I’ve loved Amy ever since her christening in Mount Pearl NF.  I won’t say when that was.

    Check out her soon to released 3rd CD at You can hear terrific samples, see pictures and read stuff like, “An east-coast transplant originally from Mount Pearl, Newfoundland, Campbell was voted best local female solo artist Halifax’s Reverb Magazine in 2003. Since the release of Architecture that same year, Campbell has toured Ontario, Quebec, and Eastern Canada and the US extensively, winning over the hearts of audiences across the province with her poignant songwriting and charismatic stage presence.”


    On  June 20 Sampson Nordquist was our featured performer.   He released his new CD, “Lost In Paradise”.  It is a beauty! Sam’s info is available at  Sam can also be previewed at along with several other BWFC performers, thanks to Sam.
    Now we will take a much deserved break for the summer.  Except, there will be the Campfire on July 12.  Ask somebody from the Club if you did not get your invitation.
    We’ll start our next season on Friday September 19, 2008.  I’ll get  the details out eventually.
  • Folk Club Friday, June 20, 2008

    On Friday night, June 20 Sam Nordquist will be our featured performer  at 8:00 pm.   Sam can be previewed at along with several other BWFC performers, thanks to Sam.
    Last month Jakki Annerino .was our featured performer. Jakki was aided and abetted by Jack Cooper and Debbie Moon for additional Vocals and your blog editor, Wayne Cheater for various accompaniments.  See their picture on our recent performers page. Nobody got hurt and allthough we set out extra tables there were people sitting at all of them and more besides.
    An extra special treat last month was the Black walnut “Folkout” for the Ontario Arts Council sponsored “SpOtlight on Artists in Kitchener” (See more below.)  We had a great turnoutfor three one-hour workshops featuring folks who have featured in recent 2-3 years with Jerimiah McCaw playing bass for everybody.
  • BWFC Celebrate Our Artists Weekend

    This  is hot news, more to come soon. 

    Look for a 20 page flyer in the Waterloo Region Record, Saturday May 31.


     SUNDAY –  JUNE  8, 2008  2-5 pm



    An afternoon
    of acoustic workshops Featuring local musicians

    Community Centre,
    216 Mill
    – Kitchener


    Call (519) 742-2584 for more information

    Presented in cooperation
    with the Cedar Hills Community Group






  • May 2008 Folk Club

    On Friday night, May 16 Jakki Annerino will start the evening off with a featured set of six original songs. at 8:00 pm.  Jakki will be aided and abetted by Jack Cooper and Debbie Moon for additional Vocals (& Harmonica?) and your blog editor, Wayne Cheater for various accompaniments.  Yes there may be some dancing, but hopefully nobody gets hurt.
    Last month Andrew Kerth was our featured performer. Our near sell-out crowd was singing along with Andrews original songs which have some very catchy choruses.  See his picture on our recent performers page.
    The following month,  June 20 Sam Nordquist will be our featured performer and then we will have our summer break.
  • Folk Club April 18, 2008

    On Friday night, April 18 we will welcome Andrew Kerth for our guest set at 8:00 pm.  Andrew has been a major contributor to our club evenings, but lately we have not seen him quite as often.  It should be a treat to hear more of what he is doing now.
    Last month Jenn Ryan was our featured performer. We heard her piano for a change. A fine crowd turned out and they enjoyed the show.  Jenn says, “People can visit for more info and some songs.”  See her picture on our recent performers page. Unfortunately we forgot our camera but Jen came through with a picture for us. 
  • Folk Club March 21, 2008

    On Friday night, March 21 we will welcome Jenn Ryan as our featured performer at 8:00 pm sharp. Jenn says, “People can visit for more info and some songs.” Jenn has been visiting the folk club frequently and treating us to a couple of songs each time.  We look forward to a longer set next Friday. 
    Last month Dan Hergott got away from our sound board and took center stage for a feature set to start the evening.  See the picture on our recent performers page. Dan was joined by: Cathy King,  – Piano, Accordion and Jombay and vocals, Ellen Hergott – Vocals and Stan Starkey – Bass. 
  • Folk Club February 15, 2008

    Last month Jim Galway brought his songs and frieinds (Anne Moffat, Terry Golletz and yours truly, Wayne Cheater) to sing and play along. See their photo on the performers page. This month, Friday,  February 15 Dan Hergott will get away from our sound board and take center stage for a feature set to start the evening.  We have been told that he is bringing some special guests for his back-up band.  We are deeply grateful to Dan for making us all sound good every month so this month it will be a special treat to listen to him.